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3DR makes and sells the world’s first and only follow-me drones — like Solo, the world’s first Smart Drone — which have the ability to follow and film your every move. This follow drone is smart enough to keep the camera on you at all times so that you stay in the center of the action. This means that with Solo you’re not just the director behind the camera, but you can also be an actor and participate in the adventure that you’re filming.

Hands-free follow drone

Whether you’re taking the road less traveled with your friends, cruising your boat around the lake or just out exploring the world, the Solo follow drone will automatically keep up with the action from the air. By taking the camera operation out of the equation, Solo frees you to focus on doing what you love.

A Follow drone is not only ideal for filming from incredible and previously impossible angles in adventure and action sports, it’s also an amazing filmmaking tool. Now your aerials can track with cars and other vehicles without incurring the expense or risk of a manned helicopter. And Solo’s exclusive onboard computer intelligence gives you the added flexibility of changing angles, distances and altitudes while in flight — even have Solo orbit you for a wraparound shot as you move. The possibilities are vast, dynamic and exciting. Plus, Solo can go up to 55 mph, so it can keep up with the action even at highway speeds. Follow is like giving your camera a superpower.

Follow-Me — It’s this easy

Launch Solo and choose Follow. Now Solo is locked onto the GPS signal from your mobile device — which must remain with your controller — and you’re ready to film all the action. The GPS signal refreshes 30 times every second, and it changes based on velocity as well — this ensures that when Solo is in Follow it will always be keyed on your position. Solo also controls camera position and tilt for you through the Solo Gimbal, so all of your follow drone shots are sweeping and smooth. And since all of the flight and camera control are fully automated, you’re completely hands-free to focus on the activities you love as Solo captures it all.