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We developed Smart Shots because we wanted to make it easy for anyone to shoot like a pro. This is the most compelling technology in Solo: Anyone can now capture dramatic, cinematic shots with the push of a button, without having to spend weeks, months or even years mastering how to fly. Our Selfie Smart Shot is a great case in point. This Selfie drone allows you to create a dramatic reveal of the scene around you without having to fly the copter at all: Just send Solo on its way with the tap of a button.

Create with Selfie

A Selfie with Solo is like a portrait shot that transforms into a landscape as Solo automatically flies up and back away from you. The quadcopter and its 3-axis gimbal automatically keep the camera on you so that you stay in the center of the frame as Solo ascends to the pinnacle of the shot and then returns on the same path. This means that not only does this Selfie drone capture the dramatic reveal of the scenery all around you, but you can also get a “zoom” effect when Solo pulls back in.

You can also think of Selfie another way — what’s known to filmmakers as a “reveal.” As Solo flies up and back, the scenery expands to reveal more and more of the world around you. You can use this for a surprising or even narrative effect. For an amazing drone reveal, check out this drone shot from a recent OK GO! video, which reveals a scene that just keeps getting bigger and bigger and more and more complex.

It’s this easy

It’s incredibly to use Selfie. Just select Selfie — if you want you can customize the height you want Solo to ascend to and even the speed of ascent — then stand where Solo tells you, press “play” on the app, and Solo executes an incredibly smooth Selfie, keeping the camera on you the whole time.

The Solo selfie drone makes it incredibly easy to turn moments into movies.