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The Commonwealth Club Tackles Drones

Our own Brandon Basso, senior R&D engineer at 3D Robotics, will be participating in a panel discussion at the Commonwealth Club of California on the legal, ethical, policy and innovation questions related to the use of drones in domestic law enforcement and homeland security.

Hosted in association with the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies, Eyes in the Sky: Drones in Law Enforcement will take place on Wednesday, October 23, 6–7 pm, at 595 Market Street at New Montgomery in downtown San Francisco. All are welcome to attend, free of charge. Simply register in advance at: http://igs.berkeley.edu/events/eyes-in-the-sky.

California State Senator Alex Padilla (D- San Fernando Valley), a leading proponent of drone regulation in the state, will be a feature speaker. Other panelists include Jennifer Lynch, Senior Staff Attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Professor Gregory S. McNeal, Pepperdine School of Law, and David A. Carrillo, California Constitution Center, Berkeley Law School, who will moderate the event.

Brandon will be doing a live demo at the start of the program. Come check out our drones in action and hear top experts discuss the policy issues surrounding this exciting, emerging technology.


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