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We’re excited to announce the release of our weekly newsletter, the Drone Download. Each week we curate a handful of the most interesting and informative stories and videos from around the world and deliver them to you in an email. If you’re pressed for time we also distill everything into informative blurbs you can scan for a quick read. It’s a fun and informative way to keep up with the fast-moving stories of the drone world — especially when someone else is doing all the digging for you.

Here’s the first issue:

’Twas the season for drones, apparently. A litany of lists: Bumper crop of “Best of” drone vids show us 2014 from above… Drones dominate CES… City of Sydney legally flies with legal fireworks… How does Skid Row react to a drone? You get one guess… FAA fails to meet its own deadline, launches education campaign and grants a COA to the Florida Keys… Here’s what’s been going on in Droneland this week.

Top 12 Drone Travel Videos of 2014

Some very cool videos on this list, led by Philip Bloom’s vision of Koh Yao Noi, Thailand: Eyes in the Sky

The Verdict from CES: Drones Will Be Huge

The annual tech-fest known as the Consumer Electronics Show launched last week in Las Vegas, with drones at the center of the conversation. The consumer electronics industry is poised to generate $211.3 billion in 2014. Here’s a great CES drone debriefing from The Verge, featuring Intel, AscTech, and, yes 3DR.

Top Drone Fails of the Holidays

More people than ever flew their first drone this holiday season. Here’s some n00b pilot footage we can all identify with.

British Photojournalist Criticizes Police Following Arrest

British police arrested a photojournalist after he used a drone to capture images of a fatal mobile home fire. The journalist is one of a handful in the country who have official CAA approval (i.e., the British FAA) to operate drones. Here’s the full report from The Guardian.

FAA launches “Know Before You Fly Campaign”

In anticipation of soaring drone sales over the holiday, the FAA launched its “know before you fly” campaign. Not much new in here for the dronerati, but TechCrunch did us a good service of breaking them down and analyzing — could be a vision of the Regulations of Christmas Future.

Sydney, Australia, Uses Drones to Capture NYE Firework Footage

Every year Sydney puts on a spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks show, and this year the city sent a few drones up to film it. Here’s the footage they got of the synchronized citywide display.

FAA Fails to Meet 2014 Deadline

Not a shocker, but this week the FAA officially failed to meet its goal of publishing drone regulations by 2015. Other organizations have already proposed comprehensive plans for regulating small drones. The skinny from Bloomberg.

New flash: Skid Row not receptive to drones.

A couple guys thought they could fly a drone over the notorious drug corners of L.A.’s Skid Row. Here’s what happened.

FAA Authorizes Drones for Mosquito Control in Florida Keys

The two drones will operate between Sugarloaf and Key Largo so they stay five miles from the airports in Miami and Key West.