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Are you a maker at heart? Do you fancy yourself your own factory? Learn the inner workings of a fully autonomous drone by building your own kit from the ground up!

Choose either the powerful 2014 Y6 kit or the nimble and accessible 2014 Quad. Each kit comes with a sturdy frame and all the parts needed for assembly, and the full suite of electronics includes brushless motors, props, a Pixhawk and GPS with compass and mast. Taking one of these kits into your own hands affords you the flexibility and freedom of customization.

The new upgrades for 2014 include gimbal-compatible plates and a larger surface area for mounting your own peripheral components. Plus, with the removal of two screws, the Y6 folds neatly into travel size. (Kits do not include a remote controller or battery with charger.) Anyone with a basic background in electronics will be able to assemble these DIY kits with ease. You can even view the full set of assembly instructions before you buy, right here on our site.

Our upgraded 2014 kits give you the opportunity to customize your copter combined with the experience of learning about drones from the inside out. As someone important once said, joy’s soul lies in the doing!

To check out the 2014 Y6 kit, click here.

To check out the 2014 Quad kit, click here.