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“The first time I saw what Site Scan could do, the first time I planned a mission, the first time the Solo drone took off and fully autonomously completed the mission, I was blown away! I know how difficult it is to plan a mission from my experience flying several military aircraft. I was shocked at how intuitive it is to use Site Scan.”

Quentin Wheeler is CEO at Applied Drone Systems, a company he founded in 2015 offering mapping and surveying services to construction companies in North Carolina and on the East Coast. Mr. Wheeler started flying aircraft in the military and in 2003 began gaining extensive experience with near real-time aerial data gathering and management aspects of military drones. As Commander Wheeler United States Navy, he had mission command of the Global Hawk and Predator over the skies of Iraq and Afghanistan.

He founded Applied Drone Systems relying on his extensive knowledge and reputation working with drones. Construction offers an opportunity to enhance daily decision making and is similar to what he experienced while serving in the military; it requires constantly updated geospatial information to make informed decisions.

Applied Drone Systems serves mid-sized construction companies and delivers timely orthoimagery and digital elevation models (DEMs) of their construction sites. This gives its clients multiple benefits:

Actionable: First, Site Scan’s maps and models, taken at regular intervals, provide valuable “eyes-on” of project status for construction crews, subcontractors and safety personnel. Site managers are able to make quick and informed decisions because they have access to timely information. This allows them to be better prepared for any occurrence. “There’s no trade-off between actionable data and speed,” explains Mr. Wheeler. “Site Scan allows you to have both.”

Aligned: Second, using Site Scan’s sharing feature allows for the distribution of frequent reports to the construction company’s remote management team, allowing everyone to remain on the same page as the site manager.

Marketable: Finally, the quality of Site Scan’s work products enable the team to track progress and have attractive and visual social media and internet-ready photos, which can be distributed to key constituents, especially clients and investors.