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The Site Scan iOS app for flight planning supports a growing fleet of drones and offers a number of powerful flight modes, making it an all-in-one tool for capturing aerial data on your projects.

Now, you can do even more with Site Scan with our two new autonomous flight modes: with vertical scan, you can easily scan facades and walls of any kind. With panorama mode, you can capture interactive 360° images and share them with your team. Read on to learn more, and sign up for a free trial to see Site Scan for yourself!

Vertical scan

With vertical scan, you can safely and autonomously capture walls and facades to create rich point clouds. It’s perfect for scanning steep mines and quarries, dams and towers, and building exteriors for better quality control, planning, and progress monitoring.

Now, with both vertical scan for capturing facades and perimeter scan for capturing entire structures, Site Scan makes it easier than ever to create richer point clouds and 3D meshes.

Plan flights in 3D

When flying with vertical scan, you can also take advantage of our new 3D flight planning workflow, which makes it easier for you to visualize your flight and plan it more effectively. Built in collaboration with Mapbox, 3D flight planning is especially valuable for vertical scan, as you plan flights up multiple stories of a building or the entire face of a mine. Learn more about how we made this on the Mapbox blog.

Panorama mode

Panorama of the new Uber headquarters from Truebeck Construction, Site Scan customer

With panorama mode, you can use your drone to capture a complete 360° view of your project in minutes. Just pick your area, set your altitude, and Site Scan will safely perform your panorama flight with your preferred overlap.

Once you capture your panorama images and upload them to the Site Scan cloud, they automatically process into a fully interactive 360° image in the Site Scan web app. This gives you another way to analyze your project and share progress updates: you can easily pan and zoom across the panorama, view individual photos, give your team viewing access, and export it as a jpg file.

Try Site Scan for free

Both vertical scan and the panorama flight mode are included with every Site Scan free trial and subscription. To try it out, sign up for a 14-day free trial or talk to our sales team to buy a subscription.

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