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As drones continue to take off in construction, more teams are getting used to collecting drone imagery and turning it into digital models of their jobsite. While it’s easy to view orthomosaics and point clouds in a platform like Site Scan, innovative construction teams want to go a step further and view rich 3D meshes directly in the browser, so they can have (and easily share) a high-resolution model of their project.

That’s why we’re excited to share that we’ve built a 3D mesh viewer directly into Site Scan Manager, our cloud-based web application. With processing powered by Autodesk ReCap and Pix4D, the industry leading 3D photogrammetry engines, you can view richer, more detailed models in Site Scan compared to any other drone platform. Also, through our enterprise platform, you can easily share this viewer with clients, teammates, and anyone else.

This capability enables construction teams in a variety of ways. For example, you may want to be able to see a detailed model of your site when planning work and sharing status updates in weekly team meetings. Or, perhaps your clients and other external stakeholders are looking for better visibility into your construction progress, and require frequent, detailed status updates no matter where they’re based. A 3D mesh viewer makes all of these use cases—and much more—easier than ever.

View your models in virtual reality, no export necessary

But that’s not all: not only can you view a 3D mesh in the browser, but you can use Site Scan to send it to your virtual reality device with the press of a button. No need to export your model to another platform: just connect your headset (you can start with an inexpensive Google Cardboard), turn on VR mode in the mesh viewer, and jump into a completely immersive experience.

Here’s a short video to show the complete workflow in action:

Want to learn more? Contact us to schedule a discovery call with one of our drone technology specialists and get a free Site Scan demo.

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