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When people ask me what makes Solo different, I say it’s the first drone that makes the entire experience of flying and filming easy, fun and enjoyable for anyone.

Now that’s admittedly a pretty large and abstract claim. The entire experience means, well, the entire experience — from purchase to flight to filming to customer support. And yes, we’re proud to say that Solo addresses the entire experience. More concretely, though, Solo is all about enabling anyone to get great shots: It makes it smooth and simple and easy and yes, fun for anyone to pop Solo out of the box and start getting pro quality aerial photos and movies consistently and reliably from day one, without years of flying practice.

In other words, Solo is ultimately less about flight control and more about creative control. Say you’re fairly new to drones, but you have the vision of an awesome and sophisticated shot that you want to get today. Well, in truth — especially if you’ve never flown — there’s a good chance that your vision is actually a fair ways off from becoming a reality on a screen. And for the vast majority of people, it could be weeks, months, even years of flight practice away. We wanted to close that gap in time, so that anyone can get incredibly sophisticated and creative aerial shots today.

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That’s a tall order. Flying can be tricky, to put it mildly. We’ve spent years building, flying and yes, totally wrecking drones in search of the perfect shot. Great shots could take even the most seasoned pilots and cameramen several takes, multiple batteries’ worth of flight time and tons of expensive gear and editing time to actualize. So from the beginning, before the first rendering was sketched, before the first propeller was philosophically flicked, before we’d even given it a name, your experience with what was to become Solo was our priority.

Everything about Solo followed from those two points:

  • The best possible all-around user experience
  • Get the shot, every time

So in order to truly make pro cinema easy, we had to demand much less of you as a pilot. And how could we do that? In a word, computers.


Computers — two 1 GHz Linux computers, one on the copter, one on the controller — mean many things. First, Smart Shots — pushbutton pro cinema, a list of automated shots enabled by real-time computer processing. Solo’s computers give it the skills to handle both the flying and the smooth camera touch better than any pro. Or lock Solo onto a defined flight path so you can be spontaneous with the camerawork. Or let Solo control the camera while you fly. Or you can rip around in free flight, working the camera and the copter entirely on your own. It’s a two-man aerial system in one, with different configurations of automatic flight, depending on what you want to do.

Ultimately this means you’ll start thinking less in terms of flight — in terms of lines and points in the sky — and more in terms of scenes, in terms of storytelling and shots and frames and narratives. Solo is less about looking up, and more about what you can see and create when you look back down. With Solo, anyone can put their creativity and vision in the air.

So we really had no choice: Solo had to be smart.


And its smarts eventually gave rise to all the other amazing features Solo delivers: the wireless HD GoPro® streaming, camera control and charging; to the full featured Solo app for iOS and Android; to our app-based flight simulator that lets you practice flying; to an intuitive controller with a design that feels natural the moment you pick it up; to the advanced intelligence and stability of the Solo Gimbal; to easy one-touch flying; to building customer support and safety features right into the drone; to a drone that will be open to and benefit from new technology instead of getting leapfrogged by it; and on and on.

Solo isn’t just a drone; it’s the entire experience of droning, from purchase, to learning, to flight, to creativity, to customer service and support. To get an idea of all the problems that Solo’s intelligence solves, check out the list below.

We’ve been looking up at drones in wonder for a while, craving the perfect shot, working hard to get it, kicking the dirt when we just barely miss it. Solo allows us to step back and see the world from above — it allows anyone to fly with confidence and put creativity in the air.

Minding the Gaps

Flying can be tricky

  • In-app flight simulator
  • Smooth and powerful satellite-guided flight
  • Pushbutton flight
  • Intuitive controller
  • Pause button
  • Computer-powered Smart Shots with automatic flight
  • Controller and App clearly walk you through the process with text, graphics, voice prompts and even haptic feedback

Flying can be intimidating

  • In-app flight simulator
  • Computer takes pressure off of autopilot
  • Pushbutton flight
  • Familiar controller
  • Pause button
  • Virtual safety net
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Live customer support

It’s really hard to get the aerial shots you want without years of practice, and then lots of time planning routes and camera moves

  • Computer-powered Smart Shots
  • Customizable Smart Shots
  • Gimbal for accuracy and stability
  • Solo controls camera tilt and pan like a pro
  • Plan shots in real time with guidance from the app

It’s really hard to fly and film at the same time, even by coordinating two operators

  • Smart Shots
  • Control the copter; control the camera; or let Solo do both
  • Follow Me
  • Live HD feed from GoPro to mobile

I want to use my GoPro — and I want to be able to use the next GoPro

  • Compatible with HERO3, HERO3+ and HERO4
  • Optimized for HERO3+ and 4
  • Comes with GoPro’s The Frame for out-of-the-box live HD view from GoPro
  • Only gimbal with direct GoPro® access
  • Tool-free GoPro installation for both The Frame and Solo Gimbal

But I can’t get a live HD GoPro feed to mobile

  • Only drone with wireless HD feed from GoPro to mobile with zero setup necessary

I don’t know my GoPro battery level

  • Solo Gimbal charges your GoPro while you fly

I want to control the GoPro as I’m flying

  • Only gimbal with direct GoPro access
  • Start/stop recording while in flight
  • Snap photos while in flight
  • Adjust camera settings while in flight
  • Fine grain camera tilt control — work the camera spontaneously with Solo on a defined track
  • Gimbal can automatically control GoPro angle

I don’t want to fly

  • Smart Shots have automatic flight features
  • Pushbutton flight, on both controller and app
  • Follow Me
  • Selfie allows for completely autonomous takeoff, shot and return to land

I want to review shots with my friends or crew without having to land the copter

  • Instant sharing of recorded HD stream
  • HDMI out for live broadcast to monitors, FPV goggles, news vans, Jumbotrons, etc.

I don’t want to deal with huge and cumbersome GoPro files in editing

  • Start and stop recording while in flight
  • Snap photos while in flight

I want to be able to broadcast live HD video straight from the GoPro

  • HDMI out for live broadcast to monitors, FPV goggles, news vans, Jumbotrons, etc.

I don’t want to be responsible for pointing the camera

  • Smart Shots
  • Solo controls camera angle
  • Gimbal and Smart Shots together can do it all, automatically

I want to control the drone from the app

  • Play/pause flight controls on app
  • Smart Shot control and customization from app

It takes a long time to set up, shoot, and move pro copters from location to location

  • Compact, lightweight all-in-one system
  • Simple workflow
  • Pack and unpack in under a minute
  • Only need one operator
  • Gimbal with tool-free GoPro® installation
  • Quick and easy field-swappable motor pods

Technology moves so fast that drones go obsolete almost immediately

  • Free wireless feature updates
  • Future-proof, with gimbal bay and accessory bay
  • Solo as platform means people will create new technology for Solo; it just gets better
  • “Made for Solo” program encourages third-party innovation
  • Swappable motor pods
  • Ready for improvements in battery technology

When you fly, you risk your investment

  • 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Flyaway replacement, including gimbal and GoPro® replacement
  • Solo monitors 500 flight parameters during flight, ten times a second
  • Flight data saved on the controller, not copter, in event of vehicle loss