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Throughout 2017, drones were increasingly put to work on construction and engineering projects. They made a big impact: cutting costs and saving time, improving safety on-site, enhancing collaboration across teams, and much more. To show how drones are driving results on real-world projects, we’ve spent time on-site with many of our customers—innovative, forward-looking businesses across the world—learning from them and telling their stories.

We published a number of these success stories throughout the year, and now, as we kick off 2018, we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some of our most popular articles from 2017. If you missed them the first time around, now’s your chance to give them a read!

1. How Drones Made Earthworks 10X Faster on Qatar’s Orbital Highway


Arcadis, a global engineering consultancy, has been putting Site Scan to work on a highway project in Qatar to speed up their volume measurement workflows. Performing a traditional survey and volumetric calculations on the Orbital Highway project, a 14-lane, 46 kilometer development, would have typically been a time-consuming project, but Arcadis was able to do it 10X faster—and far more accurately—using Site Scan.

Here’s how they did it >

2.Using Perimeter Scan for Fast, Accurate As-Built Surveys

In May 2017, we introduced Perimeter Scan, a one-of-a-kind autonomous flight mode that makes it easy to capture façades and vertical structures using Site Scan. Our customer, Argyle, immediately put it to work on an as-built survey project in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. By using Site Scan, they completed the survey and delivered georeferenced CAD files to their client in just 10 days. The time savings on this project were tremendous: a traditional as-built survey of this same site would have taken Argyle approximately 49 days, nearly 5X longer. 

Learn more >

3. How Drones Make Topographic Surveys 6X Faster


Small and mid-sized survey firms—like Texas-based All American Surveying, featured in this story—have also found success bringing drones into their business. On a 90-acre residential development project, All American Surveying was able to cut their time to deliverable from 18 days to just 3 days, while also using the drone data to save their client over $100,000 in the process. As Jake Thompson from All American Surveying said: “Drones are making topographic surveys simpler, easier, and faster than ever before.”

Find out why >

4. How Kimley-Horn Surveyed An Airport 5X Faster With Drones


Drones—with their safe, autonomous flight modes—continue to prove that they can be safely integrated into busy airspaces in order to collect aerial data. The latest example is from Kimley-Horn, a large design and engineering consultancy, who used Site Scan to perform an as-built survey and pavement inspections at Front Range Airport, outside of Denver, Colorado. Not only did they capture the entire airport in detail—including a 200 foot control tower—but they also made their pavement management workflows 5X faster.

Read the full story >

5. Drones Are Redefining Infrastructure Design—Here’s Why


In a single drone flight, we captured the Pinto Creek Bridge in Arizona and its surrounding conditions in a detailed 3D model. Then, working with Autodesk, we showed how easy it is to design a new bridge on this site, demonstrating just one reason why drones have become crucial tools in infrastructure projects across the world.

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As Site Scan was being put to work this year—like in the 5 projects outlined above—we continued to enhance the platform in a number of significant ways. For example, most notably, we announced our integration with DJI drones, developed multi-engine processing with our integration with Pix4D, introduced the all-new Site Scan Manager, and much more. To see what else is new with Site Scan and learn about how it can help take your business to the next level, just request a demo. We’d be happy to help answer any questions you may have.