Careers at 3DR

Want to build for the future?
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Home For Innovation

We’re proud to be one of the most open and forward-thinking companies on the planet. Our innovations are designed in an inspired environment where ideas become reality every day. We also regularly collaborate on projects with some of the biggest and most influential names in global tech. We move fast and we move together.

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Build the future

At 3DR, we work on some of the most technically challenging problems out there. We are maniacally focused on creating great (dare we say transformative?) experiences for our users. That means we have to pull cutting-edge engineering, software and design together into simple, powerful products. To do this we draw from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, control theory, mobile development, scene awareness & computer vision, interaction design, high-volume manufacturing—you name it, we do it.

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Creative control

We take the use of our products seriously and produce the content in-house to match. Our teams travel the world to train, host demos and film with 3DR products. They create and capture beautiful and substantive content, connect with exceptional people who use our products to change the way we live, work and create, and they return with stories worth telling (and the cutting-edge tools to tell them).

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Looking up

One of the most exciting things about coming to work here each morning is the crackling electricity of uncertainty: We’re still in the “first minute” of the drone era, and only just now starting to see what this technology can truly do. A few years ago, “drone” meant something entirely different—today they’re changing the way we film, farm and collect data. Tomorrow, who knows? Well, you might. Come write the future with us.

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