Lauren Winter

VP of Engineering & Product

Lauren is an automation systems engineer with 35 years of experience in a variety of industries, including semiconductor capital equipment, pharmaceutical informatics, and IOT game design. She is driven by scientific and engineering curiosity and loves to think about how systems function. As a leader, Lauren loves the phrase “standing on the shoulders of giants” and is always striving to teach her teams how to be and act as giants.

Growing up in a small city in Iowa, Lauren entered school as a mechanical engineer and immediately realized that machines would soon be controlled by computers so switched to a custom degree that encompassed ME, EE and CS. This education began her career in automation, starting out in a small assembly-line engineering company designing circuit boards, writing micro-controller assembly language and designing mechanical enclosures for the computer hardware. She essentially was creating an entire industrial computer for assembly lines. Silicon Valley called her name so she moved West and found herself at the birth of a startup called Lam Research, now a $9.6B leader in the production of semiconductor capital equipment. For 10 years she grew her technical and leadership skills until boredom with the industry set in. Lauren then moved to the birth of the pharmaceutical informatics industry at a small company called MDL. MDL was soon purchased by Elsevier, a 130+-year-old Dutch scientific and medical information company, and Lauren was moved to Paris, France to lead an international group of teams to develop the corporation’s next-generation informatics product stack. 11 years later Lauren was bored again and moved towards smaller startups and eventually started a series of her own in partnership with Will Wright, creator of the simulation game genre. IOT for gaming was the thrust of their startups but Lauren realized that game design wasn’t her passion so went looking for a new industry to learn about. As luck would have it, Lauren had met Chris Anderson in the early days of 3D Robotics and watched the birth of the drone industry from the sidelines. As more luck would have it, 3DR was looking for someone with Lauren’s skillset at the same moment that she was looking for a new adventure.

In her personal life, Lauren has a deep love of automobiles, spending time restoring and racing vintage Porsches. She also has a passion for cooking and eating California-French cuisine and bicycling.