Vu Tran

VP of Operations

Vu is an energetic executive with a passion for people, operations, business strategy, and growing businesses. He enjoys people development, complex problem solving, process implementation and operating companies. Vu started a 13-year career at IBM where he managed teams in Asia and the Americas. He also launched the XIV Technical Advisor, a service offering that became IBM Global Services’ most profitable offering at the time of his departure. Vu then joined 3DR in 2014 as Director of Customer Support and established 3DR’s industry-leading support. He quickly rose in the ranks and took over San Diego Operations and later, Tijuana Operations as well.

Vu’s personal businesses include supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, and commercial real estate. However, his most fulfilling work has been with the amazing team at 3DR. He lives in sunny San Diego with his wife and daughters.