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How Bogh Engineering Drives Productivity With Drones

Site Scan increases cut-and-fill productivity by 4X
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About Bogh Engineering

Headquartered in Beaumont, California, Bogh Engineering is a third generation family-owned construction and engineering firm with over 65 employees. Bogh's core capability is pouring concrete and getting a site ready for concrete construction, including surveying, demolition, and grading.

Their Goal

Bogh is rebuilding the 1.4 million square foot Indio High School in Indio, California. They survey the site and do a cut-and-fill analysis before and after demolition, grading, and concrete pouring, in order to estimate how much dirt needs to be moved. This survey typically takes 2 days to complete, and post-processing the data by a civil engineer takes another day. Mark Bogh, owner of Bogh Engineering, wanted to streamline this process by bringing drones on-site to do their surveying work.

“We needed a solution that helps us quickly and frequently run surveys. This was the initial trigger that made us look for a system like Site Scan.”

Mark Bogh, Owner, Bogh Engineering

Site Scan as a Solution

Bogh is now using Site Scan to survey all 14 of their active job sites every week. They capture 410 images in a single survey of the Indio High School site, and then Site Scan Manager processes them into an orthomosaic and a 3D point cloud in about 3 hours. They no longer have to manually perform topographic surveys – with Site Scan, they can collect the data they need with the push of a button.

“Now, it only takes me two days instead of weeks to survey all my 14 active construction sites with Site Scan.”

Mark Bogh, Owner, Bogh Engineering

Key Results

4X more productive cut-and-fill

It takes Bogh just 30 minutes to fly the Site Scan drone across the 17-acre Indio High School site and collect all of the data needed for cut-and-fill. The whole operation, from collecting the data to processing it into 3D point clouds, takes just half a day. This is a 4X increase in productivity compared to traditional topographic surveying, which takes 2 days on this specific site.

Aerial image of the site

Cut-and-fill analysis using data from Site Scan

“Data processed with Site Scan is also much more granular. The 3D point cloud had 3 million points, and allows for much more accurate cut-and-fill analyses.”

Damian Garcia, Bogh Engineering

Better documentation

With multiple companies working on their sites, disputes are commonplace. That's why Bogh started flying Site Scan to document as-built images of their sites, and they've been able to save time and money by having accurate, timely records of their projects. This not only helps avoid conflicts, but improve communication with subcontractors and other stakeholders as well.

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