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Designed for enterprise scale deployment and successful data capture on day one.
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The best camera in the sky

Site Scan is the first product to natively integrate the professional grade Sony UMC-R10C camera.

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A tool, not a toy

The new Sony UMC-R10C camera is supported by a custom-made gimbal which orients the camera in any direction and stabilizes it during flight. At 200ft, Site Scan achieves a resolution of 0.5in/pixel (ground sampling distance). Collect images from the camera without removing an SD card.

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The sharpest maps and models

The Sony 20MP APS-C sensor captures 13 times more light than the 1/2.3” sensors found in other drones. The sensor also offers an increased signal-to-noise ratio and higher dynamic range. Site Scan creates the highest quality images, maps, and models on the market today.

It flies itself

Set your area of interest and Site Scan will calculate a flight path, take off, and land itself.

Simply outline the area you want to survey with your fingertip and choose your ideal altitude. Site Scan automatically calculates a flight path to optimally cover the area. Swipe the app to take off, and the drone will take off, follow the pattern, and then land itself.

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Seamlessly integrated with your Autodesk and GIS tools

The Site Scan app is natively cloud­ connected, including full Autodesk integration. Geolocated 2D and 3D aerial data flow seamlessly into your favorite applications.

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Orthomosaic Basemaps

Process images into orthomosaics and other filetypes with a single click. View GeoTIFFs and other data products in your favorite software such as InfraWorks, ArcGIS, Google Earth Pro, or QGIS.

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Point Clouds

Export a point cloud as an .rcs or .las file for use in Autodesk Civil 3D or Infraworks.

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3D Models

Processed data automatically creates a 3D mesh. Export as an .rcm or .fbx for use in Autodesk Remake or an .obj file for open source software.

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Create contours based on your preferred interval. Export a .shp file for use in Autodesk, ESRI, or open-source GIS tools.

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High Resolution Photos

Each photo collected during a flight allows the viewer to see and share details that are difficult to see from the ground.

Bring BIM into the real world

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Data from drones is powerful when collected consistently and frequently. With settings like “refly a previous flight”, data collection only requires a few taps.

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Achieve 1.2 inch accuracy by inputting Ground Control Points via Site Scan Manager.

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Set up your drawings in Site Scan Manager at the start of the project. Capture high resolution maps of the project as often as needed. Track Progress. Rinse and Repeat.

Designed for enterprise

3DR’s Success Services team provides your organization with industry-leading support, ensuring you get the work products you need.

Designated technical account manager

Call your technical account manager from 7AM - 7PM Pacific Time to talk about any aspect of the product. They are trained both in the workflows of Autodesk and Esri applications.

Enterprise grade security

Site Scan data is uploaded through a secure https connection and safely stored and backed up in the 3DR cloud, hosted on AWS servers in the United States. Your organization is the sole owner of data you collect.

One replacement drone

Should your drone ever have an issue due to accident or malfunction, 3DR will overnight you a replacement even before you send your broken one back. Receive free non-warranty repairs of your drone, up to the retail price.