Smarter & safer construction.

Get actionable data, minimize costs, and make smarter business decisions using the Site Scan construction drone platform.
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Grow your margins

Site Scan helps your operation cut costs, mitigate risk and make better decisions.

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The perfect project view

Designed for project managers and superintendents

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Process in the cloud

Data ready for when you return to your desk

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Ready to use

Integrated directly with Autodesk

Build right, the first time

With Site Scan you can track, manage, and communicate work site status effortlessly

No more surprises

By overlaying imagery collected from the drone with the original design, mistakes can be spotted before they become costly to fix. Site Scan is deeply integrated with Autodesk, the software you're already using for engineering and design.

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Better client relationships

Whether your client is especially curious or managing your project remotely, a picture is worth a thousand phone calls. Share daily or weekly project status with drone imagery.

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Manage subcontractors with facts, not guesses

Subcontractor progress is generally verified with a visual review and sign-off. Superintendents love Site Scan because it works within their existing daily process, it is incredibly simple to use, and it provides them with literal job oversight to better manage subcontractors.

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Announcing new BIM features for construction


The powerful tools we are adding to your kit

Autonomous flight

Select an area and swipe to take off, no aeronautical experience needed

Geotagged aerial photos

Know when and where each image was taken

Unlimited cloud processing

Don’t pay per job. Don’t think twice about turning photos into information.

Volume measurements (volumetrics)

Determine how much Earth needs to be moved and calculate your progress rate.

Any file type

Most construction users will want an orthomosaic image and an .rcs file. 3D mesh files, point clouds, and contours are also available.

Covers any size site

The average flight will cover over 40 acres with one battery. Combine multiple flights into one map.