Part 107 Drone Exam Practice Tests: Questions 1-10

(Refer to Figure 20.) Why would the small flag at Lake Drummond in area 2 of the sectional chart be important to a Remote PIC?
According to 14 CFR part 107, an sUAS is a unmanned aircraft system weighing
A person whose sole task is watching the sUAS to report hazards to the rest of the crew is called
(Refer to figure 15) In the TAF from KOKC, the clear sky becomes
During your preflight inspection, you discover a small nick in the casing of your sUAS battery. What action should you take?
When loading cameras or other equipment on an sUAS, mount the items in a manner that
According to 14 CFR part 107, what is required to operate a small UA within 30 minutes after official sunset?
What is a characteristic of stable air?
(Refer to Figure 20.) Who would a Remote Pilot in Command contact to "CHECK NOTAMS" as it is noted in the CAUTION box regarding the unmarked balloon?
Which technique should a pilot use to scan for traffic?
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