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Part 107 Drone Exam Practice Tests: Questions 101-110

(Refer to figure 25, area 2.) The floor of Class B airspace at Addison Airport is
To get a complete weather overview for the planned flight, the Remote Pilot in Command should obtain a
Which of the following is considered a "ceiling"?
A stable air mass is most likely to have which characteristic?
Which technique should a remote pilot use to scan for traffic? A remote pilot should
(Refer to figure 25, area 4.) The floor of Class B airspace overlying Hicks Airport (T67) north-northwest of Fort Worth Meacham Field is
When requesting a waiver, the required documents should be presented to the FAA at least how many days prior to the planned operation?
Identify the hazardous attitude or characteristic a remote pilot displays while taking risks in order to impress others?
After receiving a part 107 remote pilot certificate with an sUAS rating, how often must you satisfy recurrent training requirements?
(Refer to Figure 21.) You have been hired by a farmer to use your small UA to inspect his crops. The area that you are to survey is in the Devil`s Lake West MOA, east of area 2. How would you find out if the MOA is active?
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