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Questions 11-20

(Refer to Figure 21.) What airport is located approximately 47 (degrees) 40 (minutes) N latitude and 101 (degrees) 26 (minutes) W longitude?
The FAA may approve your application for a waiver of provisions in part 107 only when it has been determined that the proposed operation
When adapting crew resource management (CRM) concepts to the operation of a small UA, CRM must be integrated into
A stall occurs when the smooth airflow over the unmanned airplane`s wing is disrupted, and the lift degenerates rapidly. This is caused when the wing
What are characteristics of a moist, unstable air mass?
(Refer to Figure 2.) If an unmanned airplane weighs 33 pounds, what approximate weight would the airplane structure be required to support during a 30° banked turn while maintaining altitude?
When operating an unmanned airplane, the remote pilot should consider that the load factor on the wings may be increased anytime
What action should a remote-pilot take when operating in a Military Operations Area (MOA)?
(Refer to figure 15) What is the forecast wind for KMEM from 1600Z until the end of the forecast?
A pilot should be able to overcome the symptoms or avoid future occurrences of hyperventilation by
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