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Part 107 Drone Exam Practice Tests: Questions 51-60

What effect does high density altitude have on the efficiency of a UA propeller?
The effective use of all available resources—human, hardware, and information—prior to and during flight to ensure the successful outcome of the operation is called
Which is true regarding the presence of alcohol within the human body?
What could be a consequence of operating a small unmanned aircraft above its maximum allowable weight?
What should pilots state initially when telephoning a weather briefing facility for preflight weather information?
(Refer to Figure 12.) What are the current conditions for Chicago Midway Airport (KMDW)?
The most effective method of scanning for other aircraft for collision avoidance is to use
A local TV station has hired a remote pilot to operate their small UA to cover breaking news stories. The remote pilot has had multiple near misses with obstacles on the ground and two small UAS accidents. What would be a solution for the news station to improve their operating safety culture?
(Refer to figure 26, area 2.) What hazards to aircraft may exist in areas such as Devils Lake East MOA?
(Refer to Figure 20, area 3.) With ATC authorization, you are operating your small unmanned aircraft approximately 4 SM southeast of Elizabeth City Regional Airport (ECG). What hazard is indicated to be in that area?
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