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Part 107 Drone Exam Practice Tests: Questions 81-90

Which factor would tend to increase the density altitude at a given airport?
(Refer to figure 22, area 1.) Th floor of the controlled airspace overlying the Sandpoint Airport is
Which crewmember is required to be under the direct supervision of the Remote PIC when operating an sUAS?
(Refer to Figure 23, area 3.) What is the floor of the Savannah Class C airspace at the shelf area (outer circle)?
What are characteristics of a moist, unstable air mass?
(Refer to Figure 26, area 4.) You have been hired to inspect the tower under construction at 46.9N and 98.6W, near Jamestown Regional (JMS). What must you receive prior to flying your unmanned aircraft in this area?
(Refer to figure 21) The terrain elevation of the light tan area between Minot (area 1) and Audubon Lake (area 2) varies from
According to 14 CFR part 107 the remote pilot-in-command (PIC) of a small unmanned aircraft planning to operate within Class C airspace
Which crewmember must hold a remote pilot certificate with an sUAS rating?
Under what condition should the operator of a small UA establish scheduled maintenance protocol?
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