FAA Drone Registration Rules

How to register your drone for personal use.

FAA Drone Registration Rules

The FAA announced official rules for registering drones in the United States on December 14, 2015. Registration applies to a wide range of drone sizes, between .55 lbs. and 55 lbs., which includes Solo and Site Scan. Below you’ll find a list of the FAA drone registration rules. Put simply, everyone needs to register. It costs five dollars and you can do it online. New drone owners need to register before their first flight!

Site Scan drone close up

FAA Drone Registration Details

At a high level, the loosening of the restrictions required to fly commercially shows that drones are now safer and easier to use than ever before. Now, after passing the FAA’s Part 107 test and becoming a certified commercial drone pilot, you can use a drone to easily survey a construction site, measure stockpiles, and much more.

Front range airport

FAA Drone Registration Summary

1. Registration is mandatory in the United States.

2. You must register before your first flight.

3. Users must be at least 13 to register online.

4. The registration fee is $5. It’s good for three years.

5. Register your drone directly through the FAA.

6. All the information you need provide is your name, home address, email address and the make and model of your drone. This generates a “proof of ownership,” including a Unique Number, which you must
mark on your drone in a place you don’t need a tool to access.

7. You’ll be able to use the serial number of your drone (found in
Solo’s battery compartment) and avoid marking up your Solo.

8. This registration process only applies to hobby and recreational use.

9. Business use rules still forthcoming.

10. Here’s the link for online registration.