FAA drone pilot testing centers – Massachusetts

Are you ready to earn your FAA remote drone pilot license? Find all Massachusetts FAA authorized knowledge testing centers in the list below. You must pass the remote pilot test at an authorized testing center to be compliant with the new FAA Part 107 regulations.

To schedule, call the number for the authorized testing center you select and provide the Site ID when asked.

City Site Address Scheduling Service Site ID
Bedford East Coast Aero Club, Inc. 200 Hanscom Drive, Ste 111 1 (800) 947-4228 ABS01703
Bedford National Aviation Academy 150 Hanscom Drive 1 (800) 211-2753 LAS01701
Bridgewater Bridgewater State University 10 Shaw Road 1 (800) 211-2753 LAS02301
Danvers Beverly Flight Center, Inc. Beverly Airport West Side 1 (800) 947-4228 ABS01901
N. Andover Eagle East Aviation, Inc. 492 Sutton St. 1 (800) 947-4228 ABS01801
Northampton Northampton Aeronautics, Inc. 160 Old Ferry Road 1 (800) 947-4228 ABS01002
Norwood New Horizon Aviation, Inc Norwood 125 Access Rd 1 (800) 947-4228 ABS02001
Plymouth Ads Flight Center Plymouth 246 S. Meadow Road 1 (800) 947-4228 ABS02301
Westfield Westfield Flight Academy 111 Airport Rd. 1 (800) 947-4228 ABS01004

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