FAA drone pilot testing centers – Montana

Are you ready to earn your FAA remote drone pilot license? Find all Montana FAA authorized knowledge testing centers in the list below. You must pass the remote pilot test at an authorized testing center to be compliant with the new FAA Part 107 regulations.

To schedule, call the number for the authorized testing center you select and provide the Site ID when asked.

CitySiteAddressScheduling ServiceSite ID
BelgradeSummit Aviation, Inc490 Gallatin Field Road(406) 388-8359ABS59702
BillingsRocky Mountain College AviationAviation Hall, 2821 Augusta Lane(406) 657-1062LAS59101
Great FallsHolman Aviation, Co.1940 Airport Court(406) 453-7613LAS59402
HamiltonNorth Star Aviation210 Airport Road, Hangar C1(406) 363-6471LAS59802
HelenaVetter Aviation3080 Airport Road(406) 443-0066LAS59601
KalispellRed Eagle Aviation1880 Hway 93 S(406) 755-2376LAS59902
MissoulaNorthstar Jet Inc.1 Corporate Way(406) 721-8886LAS59803

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