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Under the FAA’s Small UAS Rule (Part 107), commercial drone pilots are required to to obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate, commonly known as Part 107 certification. To obtain Part 107 certification, you must complete the Small Unmanned Aircraft Knowledge Test at an approved FAA testing center.

The Small Unmanned Aircraft Knowledge Test is a solid step over a DMV test, it’s unlikely you could show up unprepared and pass without prior aviation knowledge. While many of the answers are simple common sense, passing the test will require some studying. To help you with this, we’ve compiled here a list of official study resources. Because some of this material can be a bit dry, we’ve also written our own study guides and created an interactive practice test using real exam questions.

Airmen Certification Standards

For every pilot certificate, including the remote-pilot certificate, the FAA publishes Airmen Certification Standards. These standards precisely define what knowledge is expected from the applicant. If a topic is not listed here, it’s not on the test.

Remote Pilot – Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Airman Certification Standards

FAA Online Course (Meant for pilots, but useful)

Designed for licensed manned aircraft pilot who take this course in lieu of the written test. Take it even if you’re not already a pilot, it takes 2 hours (at the most) and it’s free.

Create an account on

Take the course here.

There are also many other courses you can take on, most of them are free.

Study Guides

We’ve created our study guides that cover topics that are not discussed in the FAA online course, but that will be present on the written test.

Use the navigation pane on the left to start our study guide on the ‘Meet the Author’ section.

The FAA also published its own study guide. Both contain valuable information and are very complimentary. They will help you pass the test but most importantly help you become a knowledgeable and safe remote-pilot.

FAA Remote-Pilot Study Guide

Practice test

See if you’re ready.

The FAA published a set of sample questions which we turned into an interactive test. To be as complete as possible, we’ve also added real questions from other pilots exams which are likely to be found on your test and will be adding actual exam question as our team and customers make us aware of them.

3DR Practice test

If you think you’re ready for the test, look over the Airmen Certification Standards one more time and check all those boxes, then go to our test center locator to schedule your exam date.

Learn more

Here are resources used by all pilots, make sure to look them over as many topics are very relevant to Small Unmanned aircraft operations.

Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

Other FAA manuals

Aeronautical Information Manual – Very valuable: radio-communications, physiology, airspace, fighter jet interceptions… Look it over.

Part 107 Advisory Circular

All other Advisory Circulars Learn more about various topics such as Special Use Airspace, or if you’re mapping an airport, learn about Airport GIS.


Aeronautical Charts

Chart Supplements

Skyvector(not official, but awesome)


Aviation Weather for Pilots Manual

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