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Site Scan is a complete drone data platform built specifically for construction, engineering, and mining teams

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Reality capture with drones is helping drive a digital transformation in construction, helping teams easily capture their projects, improve collaboration, reduce costly mistakes and rework, and much more.

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PCL Construction flying Site Scan drone


Engineering firms are using Site Scan to capture up-to-date existing conditions with millions of points, create design surfaces, and perform volume calculations faster and easier than ever before.

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Bogh engineering team in field


Surveying firms are adding drones to their toolkit to enhance topographic surveys, especially for large sites or on inaccessible terrain.

Process with unlimited ground control points for accuracy down to the centimeter.

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Mining teams are using Site Scan for safer surveys, blast planning, tracking inventory over time, inspecting critical infrastructure, and collaborating across multiple projects.

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Site Scan at mine

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