Drones for Inspections

Use Site Scan to safely and quickly inspect and analyze critical infrastructure and share reports with your team

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Dedicated flight modes for inspections

Fly manually to capture hard to reach areas, or create up-to-date maps and 3D models of your areas of interest.

Measure and analyze data in the cloud

Keep inspection imagery stored securely in the cloud-based Site Scan platform, view and analyze your project in closer detail.

Make annotations and share reports

Annotate important areas of your site, create dedicated PDF inspection reports, and give your teammates read-only access to see for themselves.

Inspect and manage critical infrastructure

Safely and quickly capture high-resolution imagery of civil construction and infrastructure projects, such as roads and highways, bridges, dams, and more.

Site Scan and the U.S. government-friendly UAS, the Yuneec 3DR H520-G, are used to survey and inspect airport runways and taxiways in order to better detect cracks and fissures in concrete.

Yuneec 3DR H520-G

Better manage facilities and operations

Quickly and regularly inspect buildings, active production plants, and facilities to improve documentation, identify issues faster, and equip your maintenance and operations teams with high-resolution aerial data.

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Track solar panel productivity

Assess your solar panel productivity with aerial inspections, especially with thermal imagery using Site Scan and the DJI M210 with the XT camera, powered by FLIR.

With thermal inspections, you can tap any part of your iPad screen and get a temperature reading of a specific area, down to the pixel, using radiometric modeling. Thermal inspection flight modes, like the one in Site Scan, also gives you the ability to measure areas, and see what the lowest, highest, and average temperature is within a given area.

Inspect and analyze cell towers and transmission lines

Site Scan makes it easy to use a drone to monitor telecommunication cables, electrical transmission lines, sewer and water pipelines, and other utilities.

Take manual inspection photos or use automated flight patterns to model vertical structures, and then view and analyze rich 3D point clouds in the browser. Make accurate measurements, inspect individual photos in detail, and create create detailed annotations and descriptions on any part of your model.

Give key stakeholders read-only accounts, so they can view the data for themselves in the cloud, or turn your annotations into PDF inspection reports that you can easily share with your team.

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