Drones for government projects

3DR Government Services offers a secure, end-to-end UAS solution for federal, state, and municipal agencies. Trusted by the Army, Army Corp of Engineers, Navy, Air Force, FBI, Department of Interior, and more.

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The complete Assembled in the USA drone solution for US government work

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3DR H520-G

The 3DR H520-G is based on Dronecode open source software and works standalone or seamlessly with our Site Scan aerial analytics platform. It’s a secure, open, US-assembled solution, already approved by several government agencies (including Air Force, Navy, DOI, and the FBI) making it the perfect choice for government agencies and contractors at the federal, state, and municipal levels. 

3DR H520-G

Site Scan Esri® Edition

3DR partnered with Esri® to develop Site Scan Esri® Edition, the go-to the drone mapping software for Esri’s GIS platform, ArcGIS Online. Sign in with your Esri account, plan flights, and capture accurate drone data that you can easily process and analyze in ArcGIS Online.

ArcGIS Online is a FedRAMP authorized cloud-based platform, making it possible for public agencies to fly with Site Scan and get insights from their drone data in the cloud.

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Use Cases

How 3DR Site Scan can help save time, money, and improve outcomes on government projects

Bridge inspection and maintenance

Use your drone to fly manually and capture high-resolution inspection photos and videos of bridges, roads, dams, other infrastructure, keeping your team safe and reducing survey costs.

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Site Scan bridge

Topographic surveying for mapping and design

Perform accurate topographic, geological, and geophysical drone surveys to capture up-to-date existing conditions. Create detailed orthomosaics and point clouds to aid with the design of new infrastructure and buildings.

Construction Site

Public safety

Site Scan provides a cost-effective eye in the sky that can be quickly deployed to improve situational awareness, damage assessment, and search and rescue missions, all while keeping officers and field crews safe on the ground.

Case studies

How leading government agencies and contractors are successfully putting drones to work on projects across the country

Department of the Interior

3DR has partnered with the Department of Interior since 2016, who has a fleet of over 400 3DR drones. They use them for fire response, mapping landscape and wildlife, topographic surveys, monitoring dams and spillways, and much more.

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Arizona DOT

The Arizona DOT used Site Scan to quickly and cost-effectively perform an as-built survey for a bridge replacement project, using up-to-date existing conditions to design a new bridge using Autodesk InfraWorks.

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Pinto Creek Bridge

Federal Aviation Administration

We’ve worked closely with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) since we were founded. We continue to partner with them to help make the skies accessible to commercial drone operators.

We recently hosted a webinar with the FAA to share the latest on LAANC, the Low Altitude Authorization Notification Capability that gives you near real time airspace authorizations.

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3DR and our 3DR H520-G Assembled in the USA drone are trusted by government agencies and leading vendors

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