Quickly capture site conditions, plan key activities, and minimize risk

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Survey and inspect mining pits

Site Scan allows mining teams to quickly capture site conditions, enabling frequent and regular updates for coordination with remote operations teams and stakeholders.

Track inventory over time

Calculate the volumes of individual stockpiles in any scan and compare to previous flights to track inventory changes over time.

Leverage Site Scan’s automated volume reporting feature to calculate the changes at specified intervals for you.

Improve site planning and coordination

Share the latest conditions on site with planning teams for blast planning. Integrate scan data with your preferred geotechnical software tools.

mining exploration with Site Scan drone

Mitigate project risk

Reduce risk, get answers, and resolve conflicts quickly by having detailed aerial documentation of your project over time.

Keep your team safe on the ground by enabling them to survey your projects from the sky.

mining truck

Collaborate and scale

Keep remote teams informed of the latest sitework with near real-time drone maps and models.

Scale drone operations across your company’s mines with standardized flight planning and pilot licenses on a single, comprehensive platform.

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