Drone software to help with disaster relief and environmental preservation

Drone mapping software provides high-resolution, up-to-date imagery to help with emergency and disaster response, environmental and cultural preservation, land management, and more.

3DR provides Site Scan, our drone mapping and analytics software, free of charge to eligible applicants on a project-by-project basis.

Areas of impact

Emergency and disaster response

3DR enables drone pilots and disaster response organizations with the tools they need to quickly and cost-effectively capture aerial data, helping them better prepare for and respond to natural disasters across the world. 

For example, the 3DR team and partners on-site immediately following Hurricane Florence to map the damage and provide actionable aerial data to local and statewide organizations to help with emergency response.

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Rebuilding efforts

Site Scan is a perfect fit to help with rebuilding operations and construction projects. Quickly capture topography data and up-to-date conditions of your site, track construction progress from above, and easily share progress updates to remote teams, local agencies, and other stakeholders.

Environmental & cultural preservation

The Site Scan platform makes it easy to create rich 2D and 3D models important cultural artifacts and at-risk environmental areas. This enables you to capture up-to-date documentation and immersive virtual reality experiences of your project, helping with preservation and advocacy efforts and improving decision-making.

For example, important architectural and cultural artifacts across Micronesia are at risk of being eroded due to the impacts of climate change. We partnered with Autodesk to help them use aerial photogrammetry to document vulnerable sites on islands across Micronesia, to better preserve and protect them for the future.

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