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Perform fast, cost-effective topographic surveys with unlimited ground control points.

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Faster topographic surveys

Perform topographic surveys in minutes with Site Scan’s multiple autonomous flight modes for mapping and modelling, and fast multi-engine photogrammetry processing with Pix4D and Autodesk ReCap.


Ground controlled accuracy

Ground control points are essential for accurate aerial data collection. With Site Scan, you can input ground control points to provide your clients with accurately geolocated point clouds and orthophotos, ensuring your client deliverables measure up to your high standards. If you need help, your designated success engineers will walk you through properly setting up ground control points and targets.

Keep teams safe

Slipping while climbing stockpiles is a leading cause of injury on-site. With drones, you don’t have to choose between safety and accurate volume data: capture your stockpiles, aggregates, or other inaccessible terrain from above with automated drone flights, and keep your field professionals safe and productive on the ground.

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Case Study: Get Survey Results 6X Faster

See how All American Surveying uses Site Scan to enhance their topographic survey workflow and capture detailed data.

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AAS using Site Scan

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AAS using Site Scan

All American Surveying

All American Surveying was recently contracted to perform survey work for a 90-acre residential development project in Texas, where they found several ways to drive significant value for their client by using drones as a topographic survey tool.

Arcadis Site Scan survey image


Arcadis needed a surveying solution that was as reliable as their traditional surveying teams, but faster and scalable across the scope of the 46 kilometer Orbital Highway in Qatar.

McKim & Creed uses Site Scan

McKim & Creed

Christian Stallings, head of R&D at McKim & Creed, wanted to systematically test how drones compared to traditional surveying and LiDAR, and aimed to evaluate accuracy, cost, and ease of use.