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Capture ground control points in seconds

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Ground control points

Collect accurate points with the tap of a button on the 3DR GCP Android app, at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional surveying

Shoot points

Shoot control points in minutes

Capture RTK-positioned points with the tap of a button, no expensive surveying gear required

Upload points

Instantly upload to the Site Scan cloud

Automatically send your points to the cloud without having to export or upload spreadsheets

Improve accuracy

Make your drone data more accurate

Georeference your maps and models in Site Scan with points accurate down to 1 centimeter

Powered by Trimble

3DR GCP is built on the Trimble Catalyst platform, a software-defined GNSS receiver and on-demand positioning service for Android phones and tablets.

Developed by Trimble, a global leader in geospatial positioning solutions, the service uses a small, lightweight, plug-and-play digital antenna to deliver high-quality satellite data to the 3DR GCP Android app.

The quickest path to accuracy

Now, with 3DR GCP and Trimble’s low-cost digital antenna, what used to be an expensive, time-consuming workflow for shooting accurate GCPs is now as simple as just the press of a button.

This makes it easy for 3DR customers to quickly capture ground control points and automatically transfer them to their corresponding projects in the Site Scan cloud for georeferencing and processing.

3DR GCP on Android

Plug and shoot workflow

The app offers a range of precision levels, from a meter down to only a couple centimeters.

Customers simply go on-site, plug the Catalyst DA1 antenna into their Android device, launch 3DR GCP, and capture ground control points at the level of accuracy they need.

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