The complete UAV solution for U.S. government projects, construction, mining, and inspection.

The 3DR H520-G drone meets the strict US Federal Government standards for UAS security, is assembled in the United States, and is perfect for secure data capture on critical infrastructure, construction, engineering, and public safety projects.

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The 3DR H520-G drone is Assembled in the USA and is trusted and approved by numerous Government agencies

Assembled in the USA

Final assembly in the U.S. under TAA guidelines, and able to meet strict Government standards regarding security.

Perfect for government projects

Best-in-class performance and data security for U.S. government agencies and contractors

Works with Site Scan

Fly the H520-G with Site Scan, Site Scan — Esri Edition, or QGCS.

3DR H520-G complete bundle

H520-G hexacopter, E90 camera, Car charger adapter, SD card, DY5 dual smart charger, ST10C controller, Propeller pairs, SC400-4H balancing smart charger, Hardcase, 4xbatteries, iPad mini holder, 1-year full warranty for repairs, 1-vehicle tune-up per year.
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Best-in-class E90 camera

The E90 camera offers a 20MP 1-inch sensor, 4K video resolution at 60 frames per second, and a 23mm lens with low distortion. Fly it with Site Scan on your H520-G to create high-resolution maps and models, inspect critical infrastructure, and manage public safety efforts. Support for more cameras coming soon!

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Works seamlessly with Site Scan and Site Scan — Esri Edition

The H520-G is a perfect complement to 3DR Site Scan and Site Scan — Esri Edition, the go-to the drone mapping software for Esri’s GIS platform, ArcGIS Online. Sign in with your Esri account, plan flights, and capture drone data that you can easily process, analyze, and keep secure in ArcGIS Online. 

ArcGIS Online is a FedRAMP authorized cloud-based platform, which, combined with the H520-G, creates a secure workflow from the field to the office.

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