eBook: How to Get Survey Results 6x Faster with Drones

Learn how surveying teams are using Site Scan’s drone platform for topographic surveys with DEMs and point clouds 6x faster than with traditional methods.

Site Scan drone survey accuracy white paper

3DR Site Scan Drone Survey Accuracy White Paper

Learn about Site Scan’s industry leading drone survey accuracy in this detailed study to demonstrate the level of vertical and horizontal accuracy.

White Paper
How to win more business with drones ebook

eBook: How to Win More Business with Drones

Learn from Site Scan customers like Arcadis and PARIC Corp how to use drones to quickly collect preliminary data about a project to improve bid accuracy and win more business.

How to build an enterprise drone program ebook

eBook: How to Build an Enterprise Drone Program

Learn how large construction firms and government agencies can start and scale their enterprise drone operations across projects and share data securely.


Drone Software Buyer’s Guide

Ideas from industry-leaders on how to choose the best drone software platform for your business