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3DR Site Scan Drone Survey Accuracy White Paper

For drone data to be useful in the AEC industry, there’s one metric that matters: accuracy. You need to be able to rely upon your drone data and use it to make key decisions on your projects.

That’s why 3DR—in collaboration with Banner Associates, a 3DR Site Scan customer—performed a detailed study to demonstrate the level of vertical and horizontal accuracy that can be achieved using our Site Scan platform, and to share best practices for optimal data capture using drones.

The study determined that the deliverables created by  Site Scan—orthomosaics, point clouds, and more—were horizontally accurate within 0.0319 feet (0.97 cm) and vertically accurate within 0.0382 feet (1.1 cm). This white paper—which you can download with one click—shows you how it’s done.


• Horizontal and vertical accuracy metrics of Site Scan

• Detailed methodology for determining accuracy

• Key features of the Site Scan platform that contribute to these industry-leading figures

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