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Site Scan makes performing topographic Surveys 6X Faster

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The Project

The Project

Surveying a 90-acre residential development project in Texas

The Need

The Challenge

A conventional survey for a site of this size would take 2-3 weeks. The client needed it in less than 1 week.

The Solution

The Solution

Site Scan could survey the entire site in just 1 day

The Results

The Results

In total, AAS delivered the survey results and a complete cut-and-fill analysis in just 3 days


Founded in 1978, All American Surveying (AAS) is a full-service survey firm, offering CAD, land surveying, and civil design services across Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas.


Gainesville, Texas

Products Used
  • 3DR Site Scan
  • 3DR Drone with Sony R10C Camera

All American Surveying is proud to deliver innovative solutions to their clients

But when they were contracted to survey and perform cut-and-fill analysis on a 90-acre project in North Texas in under one week, they needed a whole new workflow.

Headquartered in Gainesville, Texas, All American Surveying (AAS) is a full-service survey firm run by Jake and JT Thompson. Since 1978, they have offered CAD, land surveying, and civil design services across Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas. They cater to a variety of clients, ranging from property owners, title companies, lenders, builders, architects, engineers, and commercial development professionals. Their goal is to combine traditional surveying methods with cutting edge technology to provide the best possible surveying results.

On a recent 90-acre residential development project in Texas, AAS was contracted to perform pad and road grade verifications and delivering a cut-and-fill analysis, which would be used before the earthwork contractor started their work. Then, once the earthwork contractor completed their work and brought the dirt to grade, AAS was brought in again to survey the site to verify the work had been done as planned.

However, the size of the site posed a problem. “Given that this is a 90-acre site, a traditional survey would take 2 to 3 weeks to do,” Jake said. “Our client wanted to survey the site in a much shorter timeframe, and we wanted to offer them a way to do that.”

They needed a way to quickly scan the site, as well as provide an update of the same site later on.

Site Scan as a solution

Site Scan allowed AAS to reduce their survey and processing time by 6X, from 18 days with conventional methods to just 3 days with Site Scan. Thanks to Site Scan’s ability to capture millions of data points, their cut-and-fill analysis was far more detailed using Site Scan, identifying excess dirt in areas all across the site they would have missed otherwise.

Site Scan has helped AAS add value to their client projects in other areas as well. On the same 90-acre residential development project, the drone scan data was able to save their client over $100K when in a dispute with an earthwork subcontractor, which also earned AAS extra business on the project.

Their goal of merging next generation tools with their deep knowledge of traditional surveying methods has made topographic surveying simpler, easier, and faster than ever before. As a result, they are winning more repeat business and adding greater value to every project.


Cut-and-fill analysis using drone data

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