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How Bogh Engineering Drives Productivity with Drones

How Site Scan increases cut-and-fill productivity by 4X

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The Project

The Project

A 17 acre, 1.4 million square foot high school

The Need

The Challenge

Frequent surveys for cut-and-fill analysis before and after demolition, grading, and concrete pouring

The Solution

The Solution

Site Scan took just 30 minutes to complete the entire 17 acre survey

The Results

The Results

4X faster from survey to cut-and-fill analysis completion, compared to conventional surveying methods


Founded in 1952, Bogh Engineering is a third generation family-owned construction and engineering firm.


Beaumont, California

Products Used
  • 3DR Site Scan
  • 3DR Drone with Sony R10C Camera

How does a third-generation owned and operated construction and engineering firm stay ahead of the competiton?

By looking for opportunities to cut costs, engineer value, and earn repeat business from happy clients. That's what Bogh Engineering did, using Site Scan.

Headquartered in Beaumont, California, Bogh Engineering is a third generation family-owned construction and engineering firm. For over 55 years, they have helped to design and build public works projects across Southern California. They believe in providing professional, hassle-free construction management to their clients, many of whom are educational facilities.

The 17 acre Indio High School project site

While working on the 17 acre, 1.4 million square foot Indio High School project in Indio, California, Bogh needed to survey the site frequently to provide cut-and-fill analysis before and after demolition, grading, and concrete pouring. With traditional topographic surveying methods, this would require a minimum of 2 days per survey, and further time for processing the results.

Bogh Engineering owner, Mark Bogh, needed a reliable, scalable solution to bring onto the Indio High project, as well as his other 13 active job sites, to streamline the surveying process across his company.

"We needed a solution that helps us quickly and frequently run surveys. This was the initial trigger that made us look for a system like Site Scan."

Mark BoghOwner, Bogh Engineering

Site Scan as a solution

Using Site Scan, it took just 30 minutes to fly the 17 acre Indio High School site and collect all of the data needed for their cut-and-fill analysis. Thanks to the quick deployment of the drone and seamless Site Scan field app, the entire process of gathering the 3D point cloud data and processing the results took just half a day. In total, this represents a 4X speed improvement over traditional topographic survey methods.

Cut-and-fill analysis using data from Site Scan

Site Scan has helped Bogh Engineering to build a dedicated drone surveying process within their organization, which now operates on all 14 active job sites. As a result, they have lowered design costs, increased efficiency of crews and accuracy of as built buildings.

"Data processed with Site Scan is also much more granular. The 3D point cloud had 3 million points, and allows for much more accurate cut-and-fill analyses."

Damian GarciaBogh Engineering

Better documentation

With multiple companies working on their sites, disputes are commonplace. That’s why Bogh started flying Site Scan to document as-built images of their sites, and they’ve been able to save time and money by having accurate, timely records of their projects. This not only helps avoid conflicts, but improve communication with subcontractors and other stakeholders as well.



"Now, it only takes me two days instead of weeks to survey all my 14 active construction sites with Site Scan."

Mark BoghOwner, Bogh Engineering

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