Truebeck Construction

Building Uber’s new headquarters in San Francisco

The Project

The Project

Uber's new San Francisco headquarters

The Need

The Need

Aerial as-built surveying and progress reporting

The Solution

The Solution

3DR Site Scan with DJI M200

The Results

The Results

High-resolution point clouds, panoramic photos for progress reporting


Truebeck Construction


Redwood City, California

Products Used
  • DJI M200 with Zenmuse X4S camera
  • Multiple user licenses

Truebeck Construction is an innovative, fast-growing general contractor based in the Bay Area, California.

Founded in 2007, they quickly made their mark on high profile projects across the Bay Area, including the Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple Park.

Now with over 400 employees, Truebeck is on track for over $750 million in revenue in 2018 and has earned a spot as one of the ENR Top 200 contractors in the US.

Their in-house virtual construction team, led by Justin Porter, Senior VDC Manager, performs a wide range of increasingly vital services across Truebeck’s projects, including laser scanning, drone mapping, alternate delivery methods, 4D scheduling, driving safety initiatives, and much more.

The project: Uber’s new San Francisco headquarters

Truebeck is building the the new, 450,000 square foot headquarters for Uber in San Francisco. Slated to open in 2020, the development consists of two buildings—one 12 stories and the other seven stories—and is based in the rapidly expanding Mission Bay neighborhood right beside the new Golden State Warriors stadium. Designed by SHoP Architects, it’s being built using cast-in-place concrete and will have two glass and steel pedestrian bridges crossing between the buildings. 

The need: Aerial imagery for as-built models and progress reporting

Truebeck is increasingly looking to use drone data on a number of active projects across the Bay Area. “95% of how we use drone data is for site planning, logistics planning, and as-built surveying,” Justin said. “We have a new logistics plan almost every day, and we want to be able to overlay these plans onto high-res, up-to-date drone maps.”

"We have a new logistics plan almost every day, and we want to be able to overlay these plans onto high-res, up-to-date drone maps."

Justin PorterSenior VDC Manager, Truebeck Construction

Justin and his team also make use of new tools to improve progress reporting and communication with their clients. This doesn’t just include drones—they also have a virtual reality trailer on-site that the Uber team regularly visits to get an immersive experience of the new office:

Walking through the new Uber office in virtual reality

On this project, Truebeck uses drones in two main ways:

1. Perform progress scans of the exterior skin to track against the schedule and perform quality assurance

2. Enhance progress reporting with a variety of aerial images


The solution: 3DR Site Scan

The virtual construction team is actively building their own in-house drone program, so they were looking for a drone solution with a complete, end-to-end workflow. They found it in Site Scan, and now are actively flying on a number of projects.

On the Uber project, Justin and his colleague Alex Snyder, Senior VDC Engineer, use the Site Scan iOS app to fly their drones safely despite being in a busy urban area. They take high-resolution photos of the west façade of the structure in a short flight, and then upload the photos to Site Scan where they were processed into a detailed point cloud. They then can not only view and analyze the photos themselves, but they can use the point cloud as well, make measurements, and QA/QC performed work.

They also flew manually to capture inspection photos of specific areas of interest, such as the pedestrian bridges that connect the two buildings:

To capture additional parts of the site and get a complete perspective of the latest progress, they also flew off the roof of an adjacent parking garage with a panorama flight mode in Site Scan, creating a complete 360° view of the project that they can then share with the Truebeck team, give to their client, and use for marketing purposes.

By putting Site Scan to work to help build Uber’s new headquarters, Truebeck is able to quickly, cost-effectively, and safely capture the data they need to keep the project running smoothly.

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