Using Drones for GIS Mapping & Infrastructure Management

February 27, 2019 at 10:00am PT

From airports to bridges, highways to waterways, government counties are increasingly looking to use drones to collect high-resolution GIS data and better monitor their infrastructure.

But, for the counties and municipalities just getting started with drones, many are asking the same questions: what are the best use cases for counties? How are other counties using drones and what success are they having? How do you build a department-wide drone program and fly safely and effectively? Looking forward, how might you put drones to work in the future?

We’ll cover these topics in this webinar, and you’ll hear directly from GIS and infrastructure experts from counties across the U.S.

Mike Curtis, GIS Manager at Rutherford County in Tennessee, will join us to share his learnings from building a drone program for his county, including a look at his workflow and key case studies.

Keith Freitas, who oversees multiple airports in Contra Costa County, California, will join us to share his perspective on how drones can help improve airport operations and maintenance, notably as-built surveying and performing detailed pavement inspections.

We’ll host a 30 minute presentation with an additional 15 minute Q&A at the end. Space is limited, so be sure to save your seat. See you there!

Hosted by:

  • Hugh McFall, Product Marketing Manager, 3DR Hugh McFall
    Product Marketing Manager
  • Keith Freitas
    Director of Airports
    Contra Costa County, CA
  • Mike Curtis
    GIS Manager
    Rutherford County, TN

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