See your project from above

Site Scan is giving owners and developers unprecedented project visibility
with high-resolution drone maps and 3D models

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Stay in the loop—from anywhere

View accurate maps, 3D models, and high resolution videos and photos of your active projects, whether you’re on the jobsite or on the other side of the world.

Enhance inspections and maintenance

Quickly and safely inspect hard-to-reach areas to identify structural issues, leakages, and more.

Use thermal imaging for detailed inspection for roofs, solar panels, and more.

rooftop owner inspection

Get improved as-builts and handoffs

Owners and property managers can have a detailed digital as-built record, captured in minutes with Site Scan. Create a record of completed projects for documentation and to help provide up-to-date conditions for future renovations and work on-site.

Site Scan Perimeter Scan mode

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