Your project, on time.

With a drone platform, project engineers can get the actionable information they need, when they need it.

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Plan your build. Build your plan.

Stay on track with project plans, timelines, and budget by comparing as-designed to as-built and monitoring progress over time.

Perform quality control down to the centimeter on any part of your jobsite by overlaying PDF or CAD design files onto your drone maps, making measurements, counting objects, and more.

Keep your team in sync

Give superintendents, foremen, project managers, subcontractors, and other stakeholders a single, up-to-date map of their project to improve collaboration and keep everyone on the same page.

Document your site

Fly your site as often as you need—every month, every week, or even every day—and capture it at a moment in time.

Establish a permanent location of important utilities, including rebar, post-tensioned cables, and conduits, before important project milestones such as a major concrete pour.

Having effective, consistent documentation doesn’t only help you resolve disputes with suppliers and subcontractors—it helps you work better with them and improve trust over time.

Better closeouts. Happier clients.

Create centimeter-accurate digital models and high-resolution marketing videos and photos of your completed project, compare as-builts to original designs, and hand off detailed 2D and 3D models to your client.

3DR and Site Scan customer Butier Engineering
Arcadis customer story


Arcadis needed a surveying solution that was as reliable as their traditional surveying teams, but faster and scalable across the scope of the 46 kilometer Orbital Highway in Qatar.

PCL using Site Scan

How PCL Construction Uses Drones for QA/QC

As part of construction of the first-ever Crystal Lagoon project in the United States – a 7.3 acre development just north of Tampa, Florida – PCL Construction in Orlando had a number of challenges to overcome:

Kimley Horn customer story


When Kimley-Horn set out to survey Red Rocks Amphitheatre, they needed to create a new, streamlined workflow with drones to conduct due diligence of the site and understand the scope and fees involved for specific infrastructure work.

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