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Land surveyors are taking to the sky and adding drones to their toolkit to collect detailed, accurate data.

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Get accuracy down to the centimeter

Site Scan makes it easy to get the accuracy you need. We’ll work with you to ensure you can plan flights effectively and get the most out of ground control points in order to create precise maps and models.

With Site Scan, you can earn accuracy down to the centimeter. To see how, check out our accuracy white paper, which we co-published with Banner Associates, a registered land surveyor.

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Create bare earth and surface models

Export digital terrain models directly from Site Scan, making it easy to create a bare earth model without any vegetation or buildings, create surface models, and improve the precision of your volume measurements and cut fill calculations.

Verify accuracy with checkpoints

Set specific ground control points as independent ‘checkpoints’, which are used to automatically determine the accuracy of your georeferenced drone maps and models.

Site Scan smart GCP tagging
All American Surveying Customer Story

All American Surveying

All American Surveying was recently contracted to perform survey work for a 90-acre residential development project in Texas, where they found several ways to drive significant value for their client by using drones as a topographic survey tool.

Arcadis customer story


Arcadis needed a surveying solution that was as reliable as their traditional surveying teams, but faster and scalable across the scope of the 46 kilometer Orbital Highway in Qatar.

McKim Creed customer story

McKim & Creed

Christian Stallings, head of R&D at McKim & Creed, wanted to systematically test how drones compared to traditional surveying and LiDAR, and aimed to evaluate accuracy, cost, and ease of use.

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