Get the shot. Solo.

The Solo drone's Smart Shots assist you in-flight to capture amazing content on day one.
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Portable. Powerful. Beautiful.

The best drone for capturing aerial video. Hands down.

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Perfect for videography or commercial applications.

Capture cinematic aerial video with the GoPro or generate ultra high resolution 2D and 3D georeferenced maps and models with the Sony R10C, available now.

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GoPro Hero

The world’s best action camera.

The Solo drone is the first and only drone that delivers crisp HD from your GoPro straight to your mobile device, with in-flight control of the camera.

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Sony R10C

Best-in-class commercial-use sensor.

We worked directly with Sony to create this custom stills camera for mapping, survey work, and inspections. Available with Site Scan in 2016.


Get the shot. Everytime.

Solo’s Smart Shots make it easy to get amazing aerial video.

Total control at your fingertips.

With the familiar layout of a video game controller, the Solo controller is designed to be powerful, yet easy-to-use.

Camera Angle

Precision control of the camera tilt.

Camera Presets

Save camera angles and automatically tilt to them with adjustable speed.

A/B Buttons

Assign your favorite shots or Advanced Flight modes.

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Return to Home/Land

Push the home button, and Solo can rewind your flight path to avoid obstacles while it returns home and lands automatically.

Auto Takeoff

Solo makes it easy to start the motors and take off with the push of a single button.


Hit pause at any time and Solo will pause and maintain its current position, even during a Smart Shot.

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Documentary Storytelling with Solo

feat. Kelly Webster

We recently sat down with Kelly Webster, the team’s post-production supervisor of all of our documentary style videos, to discuss not only her approach and techniques in assembling and footage…

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Solo in Iceland

feat. Chamseddine, Daughtery, Mankins

Photographers Jake Chamseddine, Bryan Daugherty and Forrest Mankins recently took a trip to Iceland with Solo in tow. Stepping off the plane with almost no (drone) flying experience…

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Getting the Shot

feat. Aran Eversman

To begin, Aran Eversman does not define himself as solely a photographer. He identifies most as a storyteller, and knew that this would be his life’s work the moment he picked up a camera…

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