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360° 4K VR Camera with Mount


Capture breathtaking, full 360° aerial views in 4K with two SP360 4K cameras. The full spherical 360° VR cameras remove the SOLO drone from view for incredible 360° content.


Gimbal for FLIR

OEM Cameras

Active 3-Axis Stabilized Gimbal System. Supports FLIR VUE & VUE PRO Thermal Cameras. Tilt Control from 3DR Controller.


Glyph Headset


Connect via HDMI or micro HDMI adapter to the Solo controller and see exactly what your drone sees, in real-time HD. Immerse yourself in your world from above with Solo.


Hard Travel Case

GoProfessional Cases

The 3DR Solo Hard Case is compact, yet with an interior commodious enough to keep your 3DR Solo, controller, gimbal and accessories all in one case.


Prop Guards

Polar Pro

Prop guards for Solo add an extra element of protection to your drone. They won’t prevent all crashes; however, they’re a great way to reduce the risk of damaging your drone.


Ribcage Air Cam


This package includes a modified GoPro HERO4 Black camera with Ribcage AIR kit installed, a balancing kit for various lenses, M12 lens and ND filters.


Ribcage Air Kit


This kit includes the components to turn your GoPro HERO4 Black or Silver camera into a Ribcage AIR camera, a balancing kit for various lenses, ND filters and M12 lenses.


SOLO Transmitter Tray

SkyHook Drones

The SOLO Transmitter Tray from SkyHook provides a balanced platform eliminating the fatigue of constantly holding the transmitter.


Orientation Lights

BacPolar Pro

The LED lights from PolarPro securely mount to Solo for increased visibility while flying.The white and red lights allow pilots to determine which way Solo is facing.


Create Made for Solo Products

Solo users comprise the most technologically savvy and engaged drone user base worldwide. Our customers care about new and advanced technology and want to be the first to engage with it, to experience and use it in the field. Since the Solo platform is based on open source technology on both the software and hardware levels, and is at its core a tool for technological and camera innovation, it’s only natural that 3DR should offer the most robust partner platform for companies from any industry to get involved and take their technologies to the skies. Made For Solo gives any business easy and professional access to the third dimension.

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What Our Partners Are Saying.

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“We’re excited by the launch of the Made For Solo program and have been busy perfecting a suite of augmented reality flight assistance tools. The Made For Solo program is a great opportunity for Epson to gain direct access to 3DR’s top pilots, makers, and developers.”

-Eric Mizufuka, Epson

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“The Made For Solo Program has opened the Virtual Reality door for our KODAK PIXPRO SP360 Action Cams to be used in a variety of new ways. Matched with Solo, the SP360’s ability to capture 360° full spherical video with its unique lens and perspective lends itself perfectly to being a vital tool for creatives to develop and take their VR to new heights.”

-Paul Meyhoefer, JK Imaging

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“Fiilex is very excited to enter the emerging drone market by leveraging the Made For Solo program. We’re looking forward to creating some great and innovative lighting products for Solo.”

-Brent Siebenaler, Fillex