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Keep your team in sync with easy-to-collect drone data and imagery
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"Having views of the site not only helps my team work proactively with subcontractors, but it also speeds up collaboration with them.”

Mark Bogh, Owner, Bogh Engineering

Share Aerial Progress Updates

Sharing progress updates with owners, inspectors, and other stakeholders can be a challenge. Pictures on the ground often don’t provide enough detail, and are harder to document and manage. Site Scan enables you to quickly and automatically capture an aerial view of your project, and then provides a link to the imagery that you can easily share with your team. Set your flight path, re-fly the same site in minutes, and share rich progress updates as often as you’d like.

Document and share progress in minutes.

Send updates from the sky

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Accurately measuring earthwork and estimating hauling costs is a vital part of winning bids and keeping projects running smoothly. Use Site Scan to frequently collect data and create surface models, making it easy to calculate the cost and labor time to prepare the site.

Looking for aerial data capture on your own site?