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QA/QC in Construction

Better QA/QC in less time
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Pre-Pour Documentation

Before pouring concrete, Site Scan can capture the existing conditions of the construction site, including electric and plumbing conduit placement. On the web, project engineers can overlay the plans on top of the imagery and compare planned conduit placement with the actual conduit placement. This will prevent missing or misplaced cans, which can be costly to replace once the concrete is poured.

In the event drilling or coring is still needed after concrete is poured, the Site Scan survey provides documentation of exact post-tension cable and rebar location so that subcontractors can know how to avoid them.

Focused Inspections

Overlay then Groundtruth

On a large site, field engineers spend hours walking the site while documenting or photographing areas of interest. A daily scan of a site provides overall 2D or 3D context of the area and can flag issues that require groundtruth inspection.

Additionally, when an owner or trade asks for documentation for any reason, QC images often lack context in terms of relative or exact location. With Site Scan, images are merged into a single map, known as an orthomosaic image, and Site Scan still has each high-resolution photograph that comprises the map available.

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