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High-tech questions needs high-tech answers. At 3DR we use engineers to help you out when you need it, they know the technology inside and out.

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Ensuring top-notch support quality.

3DR is committed to delivering the best possible user experience with our products.

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Solo's 'Black Box'

Solo keeps its own flight journal.

We log information for over 500 parameters as it flies. You can analyze these files on your own, or easily share them with our support team to aid in troubleshooting. And because all of Solo’s flight logs are saved onto the controller, not the copter, you always hold the “black box” in your hands—this means you won’t lose your flight data even if the worst were to happen to your copter. If the flight logs show Solo was lost or damaged due to a system error, 3DR will immediately repair or replace your drone.

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Alerts & Tickets

Monitoring flight parameters in real time.

If the mobile app suspects a problem, it automatically offers you the option of submitting a service ticket via your mobile device. The controller asks if you want to submit your last flight log to our support team—which you can do wirelessly from your mobile device. Only with our dual-computer technology can Solo record all these flight logs and enable immediate submission and review to give you a truly world-class customer-support experience.

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