Why can't I connect telemetry to my copter using DroidPlanner or AndroPilot?

  1. This may happen if you don't use the OTG cable (included with the telemetry kit) or if you are connecting the OTG cable in a wrong way, the blue connector goes to the tablet of phone and the back connector goes to the telemetry radio as is shown in the next picture: 

    2. In order to confirm, discard a non-working telemetry try to establish telemetry connection using a computer. 
    3. If the telemetry computer connection worked and the OTG cable is connected to the tablet or phone properly, check your device supports OTG (USB on the go or USB Hub capability), you might search for an app on google play to determine your device is OTG capable.
    4. If the tablet or phone supports OTG, configure the telemetry connection as USB and the telemetry connection speed as 57600, follow the next procedure to do it:

    Using DroidPlanner: 
  1. Click on droid planner logo 
  2. Click on settings 

    3. Click on telemetry connection type

    4. Select USB, and return

    5. CLick on preferences

    6. Select 57600, return to the main screen and hit connect

    Using AndroPilot: 

    1. Click on the top right corner icon 
    2. Select settings

      3.Select device

      4. Select wireless baud rate

      5. Type 57600 and click ok, and return to the main screen 


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