The 3DR u-blox GPS with Compass has now been updated to the new u-blox NEO-7 GPS module.
An excellent solution for multicopters and rovers in particular, where GPS accuracy is paramount. It features active circuitry for the ceramic patch antenna, rechargeable backup battery for warm starts, and I2C EEPROM for configuration storage. The units ship pre-configured for use with Pixhawk; the configuration file is available in the repository.


  • GPS with Compass module
  • Protective case
  • Four-position cable (compass)
  • Five-position-to-six-position cable (GPS) for APM or PX4

Pixhawk users will find a six-position cable included with the Pixhawk kit to connect the GPS with Compass module to Pixhawk. If you need a second cable to connect the GPS with Compass to Pixhawk, please add the six-position cable here to your order.
Options: Add a GPS mast to improve the performance of the GPS with compass module.
Documentation and User Guides.

Features and Specifications:

  • u-blox NEO-7 module
  • 5 Hz update rate
  • 25 x 25 x 4 mm ceramic patch antenna
  • LNA and SAW filter
  • Rechargeable 3V lithium backup battery
  • Low noise 3.3V regulator
  • I2C EEPROM for configuration storage
  • Power and fix indicator LEDs
  • Protective case
  • APM compatible 6-pin DF13 connector
  • Exposed RX, TX, 5V and GND pad
  • 38 x 38 x 8.5 mm total size, 16.8 grams.

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