Coaxial motor mounting plates allow the attachment of a second motor below the existing motor. This means three arms can do the job of six!
The co-located motors preserve thrust symmetry in the event of an individual motor failure. This redundant design means your Y6 will remain under control — bringing you peace of mind for valuable payloads and critical missions.
The wide viewing angle between the front arms makes the Y6 a perfect camera platform.
A slight reduction in efficiency is offset by the weight savings of removing three arms from the frame. This also presents a smaller surface area, bringing better performance in windy conditions.
Documentation and User Guides


  • 6 x Co-Axial Motor Mounting Plates – New part
  • 6 x C-Type Landing Gear – New part
  • 12 x 19mm Hollow Spacers – New part
  • 12 x M3x25mm 316 Stainless Steel Metal Screw –
  • 12 x M3 Metal Hex Nut –
  • 24 x M3x5mm Black Nylon Screw –
  • 12 x M3x18mm Black Nylon Space –
  • 2 x pairs of counter rotating 11×4.7 props

What you’ll need to complete this kit:

  • Fully built 3DR hexacopter
  • Battery and charger
  • RC Transmitter and receiver

Note: The most efficient propeller setup for the Y6 uses 10×4.7 props on the top motors with 11×4.7 on the bottom. Our kit includes new props for the bottom motors assuming you already have 10×4.7, from your existing hexacopter, to use for the top.